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Pure Chocolate

Intensely flavored
pure chocolate

Pure chocolate with strict criteria for selection of ingredients

To enable people around the world to enjoy the intense flavor of pure chocolate, we focus on procuring high quality cacao to provide sustainable, high-quality pure chocolate.

A high-quality, flavorful experience

Blommer (USA) uses the Wheel of Flavor that was developed as a sensory evaluation method in its work to deliver a flavorful, high-quality chocolate experience. As the largest chocolate-producing company in North America, it provides pure chocolate that is loved by many.


A high-quality cacao experience

The UNIQUE series from Harald (Brazil) is pure chocolate made from locally-produced cacao that is subject to rigorous management from planting until the natural drying process. With a velvety smooth texture, it produces a complex and distinctive flavor and aroma.


Towards a sustainable future for chocolate

The Fuji Oil Group works towards the prevention of deforestation and the prevention of child labor on cacao farms to ensure sustainable sourcing of its cacao.



Pure chocolate brands