Reborn 2024, the Fuji Oil Group Mid-Term Management Plan for FY2024

The Fuji Oil Group has embraced a 2030 Vision: “Together with our stakeholders, we will co-create a sustainable future for food, based on plant-based ingredients that are both delicious and healthy”. We have split the nine fiscal years leading up to our 2030 Vision into three-year phases (I, II, III). We view each of these phases as a period during which we will pursue reform. The three-year period starting from this fiscal year represents Phase I. We position Phase I as the period for strengthening our business platform so that we can evolve into a corporate group that generates new value. This is our new Mid-Term Management Plan, Reborn 2024.

Key policies of the Mid-Term Management Plan, Reborn 2024

The key policies of Reborn 2024 are to strengthen of business foundation (restoring profitability and creating new value), strengthening global management, and enhancing sustainability (sustainability strategy aligned with management strategy). We will apply these policies to advance our growth strategy.

Management KPIs (FY2024)

(1) Financial KPIs

KPI Goal
Consolidated operating profit 23.5 billion yen
ROE 8%
Shareholder dividends Dividend payout ratio of 30% to 40%

(2) Non-financial KPIs

KPI Goal
CO2 emissions(Scope1 & 2) 23% reduction in total CO2 emissions*1
Sustainable procurement(palm oil) TTP*285%
Base year:2016, all consolidated subsidiaries
Traceability to plantation

Please refer to the following documents for details of the Mid-term Management Plan.