Corporate Governance

The Group aims at sustained growth and medium -to long- term improvement of corporate value through the realization of effective corporate governance that prevents the occurrence of situations that would injure corporate value, such as violations of laws, misconduct, or scandals. We position corporate governance as an important mechanism for the Company to perform decision-making that is transparent, fair, quick and decisive in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, other business partners, officers and employees in the company, and society. Our basic policy on corporate governance is stated in the "Fuji Oil Holdings Corporate Governance Guidelines”.

Latest disclosure documents

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Status of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code

Our company complies with and discloses each principle described in the "Corporate Governance Code" of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. For details, please refer to the latest Corporate Governance Report.

Group Governance

Amid accelerating social changes, continuing to create value for society requires the Fuji Oil Group to respond promptly to the social issues and needs in each region in which it operates. To localize management and pursue the Group’s total optimization, the Fuji Oil Group has adopted a management system based on a holding company structure (pure holding company system) since October 2015. We believe that Group governance is essential as the basis of Group management.