Message from the CEO

Regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I would like to extend heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families who have lost so many precious lives worldwide. My heartfelt sympathies also go out to all of those who have fallen ill. I would also like to express the feeling of gratitude that I have to the medical professionals and others who are working to combat coronavirus under these difficult circumstances.

I am Mikio Sakai, and from the start of April I have taken up the position of President & CEO of Fuji Oil Holdings.
Given my new role, I’d like to offer my greetings.

The battle with coronavirus still has a long course to run. In just over a year, the environment in which we live has changed rapidly and we have individually been thrust into huge changes. Companies must likewise make big changes.
Two of the issues facing the Fuji Oil Group now are how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and how to survive after the pandemic ends .

Consumer awareness has changed a lot over the past year, and now there is even greater demand than in pre-COVID times for a healthy food supply chain with awareness for the global environment and a continuous supply of safe foods. Given that we will not return to a pre-COVID world, we will take on the mission to continue providing safe foods to people around the world. In order to conduct a stable business, the Fuji Oil Group must strengthen its management base. We will reduce management cost and boost productivity Group-wide to contribute our customers.

The Fuji Oil Group is undertaking ESG management. This is the unchanging value of the Group, and we will work to further embody this value. Decarbonization is accelerating worldwide, and only companies that can develop their business symbiotically with the planet will be permitted to survive. Given the increased awareness of the global environment around the world, and particularly in the West, there is rapidly growing demand for plant-based food.
By making the best use of the plant-based oil and protein technology and expertise we have cultivated as a Group to date, incorporating processing technologies such as emulsification, fermentation, and fractionation, we will nurture businesses to provide sustainable next-generation foods using not only soybeans but also plant proteins as their main ingredient. We will also accelerate our activities to achieve the sustainable procurement goals that we are currently working towards. Following on from palm and cocoa, we will also make a commitment and set KPIs by the end of this fiscal year in order to contribute to a sustainable environment for both people and the planet through our business.

Together with changes in the social environment, ways of working are also diversifying. For the Group to overcome coronavirus and grow, the growth of each individual employee is essential. By making the most of the Group's diversity, and increasing and concentrating individual strengths, we will strengthen our combined power as a Group. I will do my part to drive the growth of the Group by personally attempting to make reforms as a unifying force in this endeavor. By moving forward with reforms without fear, Fuji Oil Group aims to become a global company that is needed by consumers worldwide in order to realize a sustainable global environment.

I look forward to receiving your continued support in the coming year.

President and CEO

President and CEO Mikio Sakai