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Fuji Oil Global Sourcing Regions (PO and PKO)


Main Progress Progress 2017 Progress 2018
Other Key Progress
  • Implement Aggregator Refinery Transformation for suppliers of Palmaju Edible Oil Sdn Bhd.
  • Set up Broad Level Engagement to suppliers of Palmaju to educate on environment and social issues
  • Implement Support for Transformation programme to close gaps of targeted suppliers and returned passports to 230 migrant workers
  • T4T Self Asessment implemented to engage with larger amount of suppliers in Palumaju supply chain
  • Implement Engagement for Policy Implementation for direct suppliers (refinery)
  • Join the Areal Prioritas Transformasi, an Landscape approach in Indonesia
Main Progress Progress 2019 Progress 2020
Other Key Progress
  • NDPE Online Self-assessment:
    a. CPO suppliers 100% covered
    b. PK suppliers 44% covered
  • Labour Transformation Programme:
    a. CPO suppliers 86% covered
    b. PK suppliers 18% covered
  • Global sustainable palm KPIs:
    Global TTP at 75% by 2025
    Global TTP at 100% by 2030
    To implement Labour Transformation Programme on 100% of Palmaju's suppliers by 2025.
  • Improve Grievance Mechanism to include Suspend and Engage protocol
  • Introduce satellite monitoring system to monitor deforestations within global Fuji Oil's palm supply chain
  • Palmaju Edible Oil Refinery to continue supplier engagements for No Deforestation, No Peatland and No Exploitation (NDPE).
    NDPE Online Self-Assessment
    a. CPO suppliers 100% covered
    b. PK suppliers 71% covered
    Labour Transformation Programme
    a. CPO suppliers 86% covered
    b. PK suppliers 25% covered

Certified volume sourced (FY2020)

Supporting small holders

have newly accuired RSPO certification by Wild Asia Group Scheme(WAGS) since FUJI OIL Group's joining WAGS in January 2016.

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