Creation of Sustainable Food Resources

Increase dietary choices to help address food supply problems and other global issues by making plant-based proteins widely and readily available to the general public

  • Launched our flagship GOODNOON initiatives
  • Released various types of Plant-Based Foods (PBF) products
  • Released two plant-based dashi products of MIRACORE technology brand
  • Provided an easy way for consumers to buy our PBF products and communicated our Group's value

Sustainable Procurement

  • Palm Oil: TTP93%
  • Cocoa: CLMRS* operational in 100% of farmer groups from which the Fuji Oil Group directly procures cocoa beans
  • Soybeans: traceability to primary collection points: 70%
  • Shea Kernels: traceability to the regional level: 93%

* Child Labour Monitoring & Remediation System

Climate Change

* Follow here for response to the TCFD recommendations.

Environmental Commitments (2030 targets)

  • CO2 emissions reduction
    (Scopes 1 & 2 in total)

  • CO2 emissions reduction
    (Scope 3 Category 1)

  • Water use
    (in water intensity)

  • Waste reduction
    (in waste intensity)

  • or more

    Resourse recycling
    (recycling rate)

* Base year: 2016

FY2022 results

  • CO2 emissions (Scopes 1 & 2 in total): 26% reduction
  • CO2 emissions (Scope 3 Category 1): 12% increase
  • Water use: 27% reduction
  • Waste: 4.7% reduction
  • Recycling rate: 99.69%

ESG Activity Report FY2022

… Material ESG issues

… Action theme

* Governance, risk, and compliance

Inquiries about Sustainability

CSV Promotion Team, Sustainability Development Group, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.