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Release of Sustainability Report 2018


The Fuji Oil Group released the "Sustainability Report 2018" on its website to help stakeholders to understand the concept and activities of the Fuji Oil Group's ESG management.

"Sustainability Report 2018" and "Integrated Report 2018"

In fiscal year 2018, we publish two types of media; "Sustainability Report 2018" and "Integrated Report 2018". Today, we released the English version of "Sustainability Report 2018" on the webpage.
The integrated report has been released at the following page.


Three points of Sustainability Report 2018

1. CSR priority theme and its formulation process
We reviewed the "CSR priority theme" to contribute to society through our business in FY 2017. We publish a new "CSR priority theme" and its formulation process.

2. CSR priority theme and its goal disclosure
For each "CSR priority theme" formulated in fiscal 2017, goals and progress are posted.

3. Enhancement of data on ESG
To increase transparency, we increased the number of data posted on ESG. Data on ESG is available from each priority area page.

End of report