Health Management

Basic approach

In the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy, we set forth our Vision of contributing to society by offering delicious and healthy foods. The health of each employee is the foundation of value creation for the Fuji Oil Group, which aims to contribute to society in the field of health. We strive to ensure occupational safety thoroughly and health and to maintain and improve employee health so that our employees can work with vigor, both physically and mentally.

Promoting Occupational Safety and Health

Basic approach

The Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy places "safety, quality and the environment" as the first of its values, and among them, "safety" is the issue we must give the highest priority for our continuing growth. In the area of safety and health, the Fuji Oil Group established its Health Management Declaration in January 2017 upon setting the following six items of its Basic Policy of Safety and Health. We are aiming for zero lost-time injuries for all our employees and workers at our businesses sites under the slogan, "Let’s create a safe workplace together by observing the rules and sharing our experience."

Basic Policy of Safety and Health

  • The base of our thought is the dignityof human life.
  • The base of our safety activities is the participation by all our officers and employees.
  • Every manager has a responsibility of safety control.
  • Good physical and mental health makes you a safer worker.
  • Making our workplace safe.
  • Becoming aware of and avoiding safety risks.

Promotion system

Promotion system

The position of Chief Quality Officer (CQO), with responsibility for improving safety, quality and environmental levels from a global perspective, was newly established at FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC.. Under the CQO, the company’s Production Productivity Management Group collaborates with the Fuji Oil Group’s regional headquarters and regional representative as well as group companies under their jurisdiction to evaluate each production base through occupational safety and health audits in line with the principles set forth in the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy. In doing so, it works to eliminate accidents and raise the level of management.

Educational and awareness-raising activities

Recognizing the prevention of labor accidents at manufacturing sites as one of its most important responsibilities, the Fuji Oil Group implements various measures. Our measures to reduce labor accidents include the following: conducting surveys to identify dangerous operations and situations that can lead to accidents, promotion of the PDCA cycle for risk management, and daily "hiyari-hatto (near-miss events)" activities.
As a preventive measure against human error at our sites in Japan, in March 2016 we started "Yubisashi Kosho (pointing and calling) Promotion 2017 Activities" under the slogans "Call and point" and "Point once for each operation." We are currently working to establish the practice of "pause and confirm," which is the basis of occupational safety.
At sites outside Japan, the entire Group is working together to prevent labor accidents by conducting various safety activities including safety meetings. At FY 2017 safety meetings, we discussed the status of occurrence of labor accidents in FY 2016 and countermeasures.

  • Meeting at a group company outside Japan to explain the Group’s safety management system

    Meeting at a group company outside Japan to explain the Group’s safety management system

  • Assembly at a business site

    Assembly at a business site

Highlights: Employee Incentives
In FY 2016, we established a new management award category to recognize departments and group companies that have made excellent efforts in the fields of “food safety, security, and quality,” “the environment” and “occupational safety and health.” In FY 2017, one site in Japan received the grand prize and two overseas sites received runner-up awards in recognition of their environmental performance and for having no labor accidents during FY 2016.


Continue to prevent all serious accidents at all group companies


The Fuji Oil Group works to reduce labor accidents by collecting and analyzing data on the conditions that led to labor accidents at group companies in Japan and overseas, and providing feedback to the group companies.
n FY 2017, the number of labor accidents at group companies in Japan totaled 23. This was a decrease of four from the previous year, although the number of lost-time injuries increased by one. The majority of labor accidents involved lower back pain, burns and bruises. The number of labor accidents at group companies outside Japan in FY 2017 was 54, a decrease of 15 from the previous year, and lost-time injuries decreased by 8. However, they included a serious accident that involved being caught in automated packaging equipment and an accident caused by coming in contact with an operating machine, as well as burns and falls. We will continue to focus on preventing the occurrence of labor accidents by ensuring that all workers exercise proper safety precautions and follow the specified procedures while working with machinery.


These data show the number par thousand workers, frequency rate, and severity rate of labor accidents for employees of the Fuji Oil Group.
Because the number of labor accidents decreased at group companies inside and outside Japan, both the annual rate per thousand workers and the frequency rate declined year on year. However, due to a serious accident at a group company outside Japan that involved being caught in automated packaging equipment, the severity rate increased sharply from the previous year.

Labor accidents

Status of acquisition of management certifications


Status of acquisition of OHSAS18001 certification (as of March 2018)
Woodlands Sunny Foods Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Pt. Freyabadi Indotama (Indonesia)
PT. Musim Mas-Fuji (Indonesia)

Maintainance and Promotion Employee Health

Basic approach

In January 2017, we announced the Fuji Oil Group Health Management Declaration, which states that we will proactively engage ourselves in health management. Based on this declaration, we have set “contributing to society by creating the future of delicious and healthy foods” and “ensuring the health and happiness of Fuji Oil Group employees” as the objectives of our Mid-Term Management Plan. We will continue to take actions to support our employees in maintaining and improving their health in such areas as prevention of lifestyle-related illness and mental health problems.

Fuji Oil Group Health Management Declaration
In Fuji Oil Group’s Management Philosophy, we set forth our Vision: "We seek to contribute to the society by creating the future of delicious and healthy foods using our core technologies in oils & fats and soy."
Health is important not only for the happiness of our employees and their families but also to raise the strength of our Group. So here, Fuji Oil Group declares that we proactively engage ourselves in Health Management.
The highest priority in Health Management is the health and happiness of our employees. If our employees can enjoy their lives and work actively, it will lead to the enhancement of our corporate value. In Health Management the most important thing is individual awareness of health. In other words, we need to take care of our own health by ourselves. We all will keep ‘health’ in mind, and will work "ethically, righteously, positively and vigorously." We can then work for people, solve their problems, and drive forward our contribution to the society.
As part of Health Management, we take actions to support our employees to sustain and improve their health. Specifically, we shall implement initiatives in such areas as prevention of lifestyle-related illness and mental health problems, and also activities to promote physical strength.
1st of January, 2017
President and CEO Hiroshi Shimizu

Promotion system

We established a Health Management Promotion Office in the HR Division of Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., to work on plans for various measures and improvements to health-related issues. We have also established a health support system consisting of occupational physicians, public health nurses, nurses, occupational health counselors and other experts. The progress of health management and related issues are discussed as themes by the Human Resources Development Subcommittee of the ESG Committee, an advisory body of the Company's Board of Directors, and reported by the ESG Committee to the Board of Directors.

Educational and awareness-raising activities

In FY 2017, we introduced health measurement instruments (for blood pressure, body composition and activity level) on a trial basis for employees to manage their own health. A questionnaire after the trial introduction made it clear that these mechanisms to measure and manage health (habitual self-monitoring and self-management) improved employee awareness of their own health. We also intend to enhance health guidance by creating unified management through as health management system (for visualization of health management). As educational measures, we will encourage greater awareness among employees of managing their own health through their participation as lecturers in food education activities (food education project) and planning and implementation of physical fitness promotion events.


We have established the following objectives for 2020.

  • Improve health awareness among employees and actively conduct health promotion measures.
  • Establish a system to enable visualization of employee health condition.
  • Reduce the incidence of lifestyle-related diseases among employees and the number of employees with mental health issues.
  • Roll out measures to group companies in Japan and overseas.


  • Established promotion system (enhanced health guidance and health management promotion system)
  • 100% of employees received health examinations and secondary examination rate improved
  • Implemented stress checks and encouraged all Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. employees to receive counseling
  • Reformed employee awareness of health (trial introduction of health measurement system)
  • Developed delicious and healthy company cafeteria menus (using Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.’s soy products)
  • Recognized in the large enterprise category (White 500) of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (recognized in February 2018)

Specific initiatives

Measures to Protect Employees

We conduct various regular health examinations. In FY 2017, the rate of employees at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. who received health examinations was 100% (95.9% for secondary examinations).
To help prevent mental health problems, in addition to conducting stress checks we recommend counseling for all employees. In FY 2017, 91.4% of employees took stress checks.
In the future, we intend to enable visualization of the physical and mental health of our employees through the introduction of a health management system, and will roll out measures to group companies in Japan and overseas by conducting surveys on health management status and health consciousness.

Highlights: Results of stress check implementation
Stress checks are useful for improving workplaces. In FY 2017, we created workplace improvement plans and conducted follow-up training for high-risk workplaces based on the results of stress checks.

Changing Attitudes about One’s Own Health

We intend to raise awareness of health by establishing the habit of self-monitoring and self-management (awareness of one’s own health condition and of managing one’s own health) using a health measurement system and enabling visualization of health condition using a health management system.

Measures and Education for Improving Eating Habits and Activities to Promote Physical Fitness

In addition to planning lectures on improving eating habits (food education) and training for supervisor-provided care and self-care to prevent mental illness, we promote the provision of delicious and healthy menus that proactively incorporate Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.’s soy and other products at company cafeterias in Japan.
As measures to promote physical fitness, we will plan and carry out events such as walking and yoga classes at each business site.

External Recognition: Certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management (White 500)

In February 2018, FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC.was certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management 2018 (White 500) under the Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management certification system conducted by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. By continuing to promote health management throughout the Group, we will strive to earn a positive evaluation and trust from stakeholders.


Health Examinations


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Total of business sites in Japan
(Employees) (%)
Rates of employees receiving examinations and anomaly observation (Total) Number of employees eligible to receive health examinations 1,307
(Total) Number of examinees 1,307 100.0
(Total) Number of employees with observed anomalies 1,107 84.7
Secondary health examination/Treatment required Number of employees subject to second health examination/Treatment required 582 44.5
Not examined /Not reported 24 4.1

Working hours


Work record data for FY 2017
Working hours per employee 159.8 Hours/Month
Average monthly overtime per employee 15.1 Hours/Month

3.Rate of absence due to illness


Rate of absence due to illness 1.27

*Includes only employees taking time off or leave for injury or illness.


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