Hitozukuri (Fostering People)

Basic Concept
The Fuji Oil Group has established its Human Resources Policy based on the idea that a company and its employees support each other’s growth. In line with this policy, we strive to create a workplace that allows highly motivated employees to play an active role in the Fuji Oil Group’s global operations and display their abilities to the fullest. This will lead to improvement in the quality of our products and services and the growth of our company. Our aim is to remain a corporate group that is trusted by society.

Human Resources Policy

  • Providing highly motivated employees with a workplace where they are encouraged to make the most of their abilities
  • As a global company, providing a working environment where a diverse range of employees are encouraged to play an active role
  • Establishing and operating a fair and equitable personnel system (appraisal/benefits/training)
  • Providing well-structured educational and training programs and creating a corporate culture that supports the fostering of one’s skills and capabilities
  • Supporting diversified working styles and providing a safe workplace that is comfortable to work in


Fuji Oil Basic Diversity Policy

We will accelerate the creation and delivery of new value to society by seeking talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and fostering a corporate culture where everyone can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

  • Pay attention to diversity in personnel composition at all stages of employment, including recruitment, training and job assignment/promotion.
  • Implement flexible personnel systems so that diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their abilities.
  • Use diverse human resources in a strategic manner, thereby contributing to society and the growth of the company.

Maximum Use of Human Resources

Building a foundation for diversity through the Global Human Resources Meeting

Building a global network of human resource functions is key to reinforcing the foundation of global management and promoting diversity. In 2016, we held our first Global Human Resources Meeting, the objectives of which included the sharing and discussion of our approach to personnel strategy as led by the holding company and local personnel issues, in addition to the understanding and penetration of the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy. As a result, participants were able to build networks and deepen their understanding of overall group strategy. These networks and the understanding gained are being put to use in planning and executing human resource development measures at each company.

Support for the active participation of women

Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in Which Women Shine

To continue to contribute to society through business activities as a food manufacturer, it is important for the Fuji Oil Group to stay up to date with social changes, and the sensibilities of women are indispensable for that purpose. We are focusing on supporting the active participation of our female employees so they can fully demonstrate their abilities.

As of April 2017, the ratio of women in managerial positions in Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. is 5.3%, and we are striving to provide and cultivate opportunities with a target of over 20% by FY 2020.

Furthermore, Hiroshi Shimizu, President and CEO of Fuji Oil Holdings, endorsed the "Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in Which Women Shine" (logo shown to right). We will accelerate our activities to encourage active roles for women in the workplace.

*A Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in Which Women Shine
Following the kick-off meeting for "Supporting Women to Shine" held on March 28, 2014 at the office of the Prime Minister, there has been a nationwide movement by leaders in various industries to support women who will and do shine in various fields. In conjunction with this, male leaders of the companies that had been actively promoting the empowerment of women announced the "Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in Which Women Shine."

Promoting non-regular employees to regular employees

From FY 2017, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. changed the status of its "semi-regular employees," who had fixed-term employment contracts, to "regional limited employees" without a fixed term. Moreover, the Group conducts a test once a year for highly motivated non-regular employees wishing to become regular employees. In FY 2016, five non-regular employees passed the test and were promoted to regular employees. We will continue to actively promote talented and highly motivated individuals to regular employees through this system.

Support for the active participation of older workers

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has a reemployment system in place for older workers that allows employees to extend their employment to the maximum legislated retirement age of 65. Individual interviews are held one year before retirement and at the time of retirement to offer job assignments according to each person’s motivation and abilities. In addition, since FY 2016 we have conducted a "Life Plan Seminar" for employees in their late fifties to consider their post-retirement life plans. The seminar provides an opportunity for participants to achieve self-fulfillment at a relatively early stage by drawing a concrete picture of their work-life balance after retirement.

Strategic employment of foreign nationals

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. recruits people of various nationalities whose skills and capabilities meet its business needs. Non-Japanese employees are working in various fields such as research and development, planning and administration. In addition to plans to hire three new graduates from Indonesia, Thailand and China in the autumn of FY 2017, we are promoting the appointment of qualified local staff to senior executive positions in group companies outside Japan. Aiming to recruit people with diverse backgrounds, we have increased our exchange with educational institutions, JICA and other relevant organizations, and actively disseminate employment information. In FY 2016, we also accepted short-term interns.

Support for the active participation of disabled people

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has been striving to employ people with disabilities for many years, but there have been cases where disabled people were unable to effectively put their abilities to use due to the type and characteristics of their disability. Consequently, to raise awareness within the Group and increase opportunities for participation, we have accepted interns from schools in six regions since FY 2015 as well as cooperating with various support organizations. In addition, we have started intensifying efforts to support the active participation of disabled people, exchanging information with companies making advanced efforts concerning their employment.

Work-Life Balance

Reform of working styles (Creative Work Promotion Conference)

We recognize that reforms of employee awareness, our operations and our personnel systems are essential for diverse human resources to work soundly and with vigor, and for achieving both high motivation and productivity. As the impetus for putting these reforms through the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle, we inaugurated the Creative Work Promotion Conference, a cross-departmental organization, in 2016. Subcommittees are set up to address issues such as promoting diversity and achieving a comfortable working environment, and to consider and address reform measures while incorporating feedback from various departments.

Support for active career path development

To enable employees to continue working during major life events, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has established a system that includes the introduction of childcare and nursing care support that surpass the standards required by law. We have also adopted many other systems since FY 2014 for focused support for employees eager to continue developing their careers after major life events.

Support programs for employees during major life events


Follow-up seminars for employees returning to work after childcare leave

  • Follow-up seminar for employees returning to work after childcare leave

The annual percentage of female employees taking childcare leave at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has been 100% since 2003. However, the workplace and home environments of returning employees vary from person to person, and not all mothers can return to work under perfect conditions. Under the theme of "continuing an active career," a seminar is held every year with the spouses and supervisors of returning employees, to exchange opinions about various issues, including problems at the workplace, returning employees’ awareness, and the support system at home. The attendance rate of supervisors and spouses is more than 90%, and an enthusiastic discussion takes place each time.

Career development support for young female employees

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. considers career development at an early stage to be crucial for women in planning out their careers. Therefore, we hold seminars for female employees in their twenties, during their second through seventh years with the company, to think about career development. Twenty-one women attended the seminar in FY 2016, which featured as the speaker Noriko Taji, outside director of Fuji Oil Holdings and university professor who lectures on careers. In addition to highlighting important points for career development and case studies from outside our group, she also introduced role models from inside our group.

Provision of information during childcare leave

To eliminate the interruption of communication between employees and their workplace during childcare leave, we have introduced a system through which employees can access company information from their PCs at home. This system enables them to know what is going on in the company during childcare leave, and helps them eliminate concerns when returning to work. We also provide information to assist in finding a nursery school to help minimize the impact of nursery school entrance on a career.

Introduction of communication sheets for employees returning to work after childcare leave

Employees taking childcare leave are provided the opportunity to have an interview with their supervisors before returning to work. We have introduced communication sheets for employees returning to work after childcare leave to facilitate smooth exchange of information in the interview on the childcare system, working style after returning to work, jobs after returning to work, and a follow-up system in their workplaces.

Introduction of a work-at-home system

In FY 2017, we introduced a work-at-home system so that employees dealing with childcare, nursing care, illness or other factors can still develop a fulfilling career. By eliminating time and place constraints, the system enables flexible working styles. We will also consider expanding the scope of coverage with a view toward reconsidering working styles throughout the Group.

Expansion of the flextime system

Previously, employees with special circumstances related to work, self-development, childcare, nursing care or other issues were allowed to use a flextime system. To help promote autonomous working styles among employees, in February 2017 the scope of coverage was expanded to all employees except in cases where there are limitations, such as shift work.

Introduction of subsidies for childcare and nursing care services

Subsidies for babysitter or family support and nursing care services have been provided to employees to enable them to do responsible work while engaged in childcare and nursing care.

Comeback Entry Program

In FY 2011, we introduced the Comeback Entry Program, which provides employees who left the company due to childcare, nursing care, their spouse’s job relocation, or other reasons with the opportunity to return to work. This program has so far been used by several employees, some of whom have returned to work as regular employees. We will make use of this program to secure excellent human resources.

Promotion of paternity leave

Since FY 2009, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has been actively promoting the taking of paternity leave. Since FY 2014, as part of efforts to create a working environment where working fathers can take childcare leave and then return to work without difficulty, eligible employees and their supervisors have been personally informed of the availability of such leave. Other activities undertaken include the presentation of case studies of male employees taking childcare leave and the preparation and distribution of materials for male employees explaining the paternity leave system. As a result of these activities, the paternity leave-taking rate rose to 26% and the average number of paternity leave days taken was five days in FY 2016.

Reforming working styles at production sites

Due to the characteristics of process industries, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.’s production sites have for many years centered on physically strong male employees. However, in 2014 we began reconsidering this system with the start of recruitment of women as regular employees in production positions and support for the active participation of older workers. In FY 2016, we analyzed all factory processes throughout the company to identify those with heavy physical demand, and set up a model workplace to focus on improvements for the future. In FY 2017, we will modify specific processes to reduce physical strength requirements.

External Evaluation


As an evaluation of the initiatives described above, the Fuji Oil Group has been awarded the Kurumin Mark, a certification for companies complying with childcare support standards, for three consecutive years. In addition, in FY 2016, the Fuji Oil Group was selected as one of the top 10 companies certified as a Leading Company for Woman’s Participation in Society from the City of Osaka that has made pioneering or steady efforts, and received the "Excellence Award".

Cultivating the Next Generation of Human Resources

Creation of a talent management system

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. introduced a human resources database in FY 2016 as a tool for keeping track of the competencies of talent in the Company. Going forward, we will analyze and utilize the data we collect to support "Hitozukuri" (fostering people) at each of our sites, and expand coverage globally throughout the Fuji Oil Group to achieve talent management that responds promptly to changes in our businesses.

Development of global human resources

In the personnel strategy of its mid-term management plan, the Fuji Oil Group upholds the development of global human resources. We consider the development of global human resources to be the key to "how we want to be in 2030." Based on the belief that the growth of individuals leads to the growth of the company, we strive to hire and develop human resources who can demonstrate their strengths globally.

Skills and abilities that the Fuji Oil Group expects its employees to have in order to be global human resources


Training global human resources

To cultivate global human resources who can perform consistently, whether in Japan or overseas, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has been conducting global human resource training as a new initiative since FY 2016. Over a period of about six months, the program provides training in areas including language skills (English), global communication, MBA knowledge and leadership skills, and conducts presentations for executives. Twelve people attended training in FY 2016. Two assumed overseas posts in FY 2017, and they are demonstrating their skills and abilities locally. Linkage with career path training will lead to cultivation of global executives.

Cultivating Managers

Leadership development training

To strengthen the pool of assistant managers and future managers, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. established leadership development training in FY 2016, and 67 people took the course in its first year. Through this training, attendees came to recognize the approaches a leader should take and to objectively understand their own current situation and issues. Supervisors are closely involved, giving post-training feedback interviews, creating on-the-job training plans and conducting other measures, which leads to steady growth. In addition, the detailed understanding of the potential of our human resources that we gain will be useful in future talent management, such as for dispatching the right person to the right job and long-term career development.

Career Support

Personnel system reforme

To survive fierce global competition, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. reformed its personnel system for managers in FY 2015. The reform is based on three pillars: salary system reform, personnel evaluation system reform, and promotion of human resource development.

In salary system reform, we have abolished the ability-based grade system and replaced it with the job-based pay system, in which remuneration is based on job content and value to the organization. The job-based pay system is more flexible and convincing to employees.

In personnel evaluation system reform, we have changed the evaluation system so that whether or not each department has achieved the management goals is directly linked to evaluation. We intend to strengthen our corporate competitiveness by further clarifying the manager’s responsibility for the attainment of the goals.

As for human resource development, we have included degree of achievement of human resource development targets as one of the most important performance evaluation criteria for managers. In this era of diversification, requirements for managers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. We will strengthen our human resources – our most important and precious asset – by ensuring that all managers recognize their responsibility for human resource development.

In FY 2016, we systematically reviewed the system of promotion for union members. By using promotions as an opportunity for proactive career development, we will further instill a climate that aims for ongoing growth through greater encouragement (support) of education and self-development.

Well-structured training system aimed at skill development

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. provides training programs based on employee level, including for executives, managers, general employees and new hires, to help build up professional skills. We also support employees’ skill development through various programs, such as dispatching employees to external seminars at their request, and providing financial assistance to employees taking correspondence courses.

Providing opportunities for employees to discuss their career with their supervisors

To enable employees to obtain fulfilling work opportunities, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has adopted an OJT system and a job rotation system that provide employees with opportunities to discuss matters related to their career with their supervisors. Employees have a session with their supervisors once a year, using the communication sheet that summarizes their future career plan. Employees are able to take this opportunity to express their desire to work in another department or to work outside Japan.

Training system (FY 2016)


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of dialogue on equal terms between labor and management and, as such, has focused on building a relationship of mutual trust.

The management and the labor union actively discuss labor issues, holding an informal central labor-management session every month where both parties exchange information on the company’s business conditions and its business policy. Furthermore, the management and the labor union hold labor-management consultation sessions to discuss the promotion of employees, bonus payments and a review of in-house rules, when necessary, in line with the labor contract. Both parties will enter into negotiations and discussions on these matters after fully sharing information on the company’s earnings position, business trends, various management-related issues and social trends.

With increasing globalization of business, accelerating population aging, and growing emphasis on work-life balance, it is increasingly necessary to promote diversity. We will therefore work to establish a personnel system that supports diversity.

Employee Data

Fuji Oil Group Employee Data

Number of employees by region (as of March 31, 2017)

Japan Europe and America Asia Total (Consolidated)
1,829 854 2,373 5,056

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.

Breakdown of employees (as of March 31, 2017)

  Male Female Total
Regular employees/temporary employees 86 27 113
Semi-regular employees 0 0 0
Contract employees 0 0 0
Average age (of employees) 46 years, 8 months 36 years, 5 months 44 years, 4 months
Average years of continuous employment 19 years, 1 month 12 years, 2 months 17 years, 7 months
Voluntary turnover rate - - 0%

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

Breakdown of employees (as of March 31, 2017)

  Male Female Total
Regular employees/temporary employees 898 173 1,071
Semi-regular employees 96 53 149
Contract employees 69 29 98
Average age (of employees) 43 years, 11 months 39 years, 10 months 43 years, 4 months
Average years of continuous employment 20 years, 1 month 16 years, 5 months 19 years, 6 months
Voluntary turnover rate - - 1.4%


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