News Release



Notification of construction of a “grievance mechanism” (for processing complaints)


Based on the values stated in the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy, the Fuji Oil Group formulated its Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy in March 2016 and has pledged to aim for NDPE (no deforestation, no peat land development, and no exploitation) in its palm oil supply chain.

 The Fuji Oil Group has constructed a grievance mechanism for the purpose of implementing its Palm Oil Sourcing Policy. This mechanism enables the handling of any problems raised with the Fuji Oil Group by stakeholders in accordance with the Policy.

 To make our handling of grievances highly transparent, we have prepared the Fuji Oil Group Grievance WEB Page (English) on the Sustainability Page of the Fuji Oil Group corporate website. On this page, we have disclosed the following: 1) Grievance Procedure, 2) Grievance Contact, and 3) Grievance List (table of the state of progress). Regarding the Grievance List, we shall strive to regularly update the state of progress and disclose the related information to our stakeholders.

For the English version of the Fuji Oil Group Grievance WEB Page, click the following link.