Management · Financial Results

What are your management policies, management targets, and management benchmarks?

For our management policies, refer to the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy. For management targets, refer to the page on our Medium-Term Management Plan.

Tell us about the businesses operated by Fuji Oil.
Refer to the page Our Business.
When does your accounting period end?
Each year on March 31.
Can you tell us about transitions in your earnings?
Refer to the pages Financial Highlights andPrincipal Financial Indicators.
What is your earnings forecast?
Refer to the Projections page.
Where can I find documentation on return on equity, return on total assets, return on invested capital, etc?
Refer to the Principal Financial Indicators page.
I would like to receive earnings conference presentation materials.
Refer to the IR Materials Section page.
Which securities company provides coverage for Fuji Oil?
Refer to the Analyst Coverage page.
Tell me about your approach to corporate governance.

Refer to the Corporate Governance page.

Who is the accounting firm for Fuji Oil?
We have designated KPMG AZSA LLC as our accounting firm.

Investor Relations

What are recent trends in your stock price?
Refer to pages Stock Price.
What is the minimum share unit for Fuji Oil stocks?
Stock is in units of 100 shares. The minimum purchase price is the stock price x 100 (shares).
What is your securities code?
Our securities code is 2607.
How many shares has your company issued thus far?
Refer to the Stock Overview page.
When is your General Meeting of Shareholders?
The General Meeting of Shareholders is held each year in June. For other IR activities, refer to the IR Calendar page.
How many shareholders do you have and who are your major shareholders?
Refer to the Status of Stock page.
What is the dividend payment rights confirmation date?
March 31 for year-end income dividend, September 30 for interim dividends.
What are your dividend policies?
Refer to the Shareholder Returns(Dividends/Share Repurchase) page.
What percentage of your stock is held by foreigners?
Refer to the Stock Overview page.
What is the status of treasury share acquisition?
Refer to the Shareholder Returns(Dividends/Share Repurchase) page.
When were you listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
We were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section in October 1978.


When was your company established?
October 9, 1950.
I would like a copy of the Fuji Oil sustainability report.
Refer to the Sustainability Report page.
Where are your major domestic and international offices?
Refer to Group Companies page.
What kinds of businesses are your main subsidiaries and affiliates?
Refer to Group Companies page.
I want to view a Fuji group company website.
Please check the Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. top page.
I would like a tour of the company.
Unfortunately, at present we do not offer tours of our buildings, plants, or offices.
Who should I contact for IR inquiries?

You can access an inquiry form input screen from the Contact Us page.

Tell me about your social contribution activities.

We position CSR activities as a priority management theme and engage in sustainable procurement, food education projects, etc. For details, refer to Sustainability.