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The Consumer Goods Forum Japan Day 2018


On April 17th, Hiroshi Shimizu, President and CEO of the Fuji Oil Group spoke at the CGF Japan Day 2018 sponsored by the Consumer Goods Forum(CGF), which is a global, parity-based industry network that is driven by its members. Under the theme of Health & Wellness, President Shimizu explained “Conscientious Management (ESG Management)” of Fuji Oil Group.

President Shimizu mentioned that the reason for the existence of Fuji Oil Group is to provide solutions for society, and based on its spirit of putting customers first and the original technology development in the area of health and nutrition, Fuji Oil Group seeks to contribute to society and the resolution of global-scale issues by plant-based food materials. As specific examples of the solutions, he also introduced its efforts towards the upcoming food shortage crisis, such as development of soy protein ingredients and its proposals to society, and its stance of sustainable procurement of palm oil.

Moving forward, Fuji Oil Group will continue to provide new value to society and contribute to resolving social issues.

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