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Participation by Fuji Oil (Zhang Jia Gang) Co., Ltd. in Bakery China (Shanghai)


Over the period May 10 – 13, Fuji Oil (Zhang Jia Gang) Co., Ltd., a Chinese member of the Fuji Oil Group, participated in China Bakery (Shanghai), as it did last year.
In this year’s exhibition, the company set out to convey the food arts and techniques of the Fuji Oil Group. To this end, it prepared a variety of excellent items for exhibition under the banner “The Best Choice for Bakery – Fuji, with an Artisan Mind.” Its booth made a powerful pitch for the both specialized nature and widespread applicability characterizing Fuji Oil products, and for Fuji Oil’s stance of pursuing the ultimate in new ideas and quality. The section taking “Fuji’s Mind of an Artisan” as its theme attracted particularly keen attention. It introduced 6 types of confectionery and bakery ingredients that are now the most in demand. Its proposal of one-stop sales and service solutions in all stages, from oils and fats to the confectionery and bakery ingredients themselves, and further to the finished confectionery and bakery products made with them, was given high ratings by many visitors. This year, the Fuji Oil (Zhang Jia Gang) booth drew an extended total of more than 5,000 visitors. The Fuji Oil Group is determined to take all sorts of opportunities to continue responding to the wants and needs of its customers.