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Notice Regarding DBJ Environmental Ratings Loan


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has received the highest environmental rating for “particularly innovative environmental efforts”, according to the environmental ratings-based financing program of the Development Bank of Japan, Inc (hereon “DBJ”), thereby receiving the said environmental ratings-based financing from DBJ.

DBJ's environmental ratings-based financing program evaluates the degree of environmentally-responsible management in a corporation, based on its original rating system, and provides three types of interest rates according to those ratings. It is the first ever financing program in the world to implement such a specialized method of environmental ratings.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. was credited for the environmentally-responsible management in its main business activities, both in terms of its efforts to offer one of the most eco-friendly product lineups in the food manufacturing industry using innovative technologies, and management that focuses on reducing environmental burden.   
The company received particularly high points for the following:
1) Offering products that contain a high concentration of by-products generated from its manufacturing processes.
2) Reducing waste and sustaining a high food recycling rate through a sludge drying facility and by-product oil boiler, in order to achieve zero-emissions.
3) Promoting a modal shift to rail transportation as a logistics policy, with an aim to increase 3,000 tons-worth of rail transportation per annum.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. will continue to exert utmost effort to promote environmentally-responsible management, and serve our customers by offering products that contribute to environmental protection.

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