News Release



Exhibited at the "FOODEX JAPAN 2006"


The Fuji Oil Group has participated in the annual food & beverage trade show, "FOODEX JAPAN 2006," held at Makuhari Messe.

●Promotion of The Fuji Oil Group on a global scale
●Promotion of the SOYAFARM brand

With the above aims, we exhibited our products at the trade show, introducing our South-East Asian Group companies to the visitors, encouraging the visitors themselves to understand our production and sales system, and promoting Fuji Oil Group with a global corporate image. Moreover, we offered visitors many tasting opportunities to experience our new soy beverage, "soymilk," and our soy protein prepared food, "Fi-tus Balls," (named to mean adding more fiber to your diet) as part of PR efforts of the SOYAFARM brand.