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soymilk, a new product from the SOYAFARM range, has been released


Fuji Oil has developed a new soy milk product in collaboration with one of our group companies, Toraku Co., Ltd., and has subsequently released it through Toraku Co., Ltd. on March 27. The Soy milk produced by our company and by Toraku has been manufactured through a "new clarifying manufacturing method," receiving an excellent reputation for its clear taste with much less sub-flavors, and this newly-released "soymilk" is even more advanced than existing products. We call it a next-generation soy milk.

The "soymilk" is manufactured through our "new clarifying manufacturing method" as a base of the manufacturing process; we do not use any additives such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, or flavorings. We produce "soymilk" through a concept of, "Premium, Daily Natural Health," in order for our customers to enjoy the natural flavor of soy milk in daily intake of our new product and to maintain a good health. Conventionally, soy milk products tend to have a significantly strong milk or vanilla flavoring added, in order to mask the distinct taste of soybean which, naturally, soybeans do have. However, our new "soymilk" is manufactured to offer our customers the natural delightful flavor which soybean originally possesses.

Packaging is simply designed with a gentle light-green (the color of young leaves) and white in order to incarnate the concept and quality of the "soymilk."
There is a "whole" soy milk and a "modified" soy milk available. Also, the "soymilk" comes in two different sizes - a 500ml carton can be useful for accommodating a wide range of uses, apart from simply drinking, such as use in cooking, while a 200ml carton can be a perfect size as a single drink portion for one, anytime, anyplace.

Our campaign, "Let's Start, A Life Style with 'soymilk'!" which ends at the end of May, is currently underway. We are offering our customers healthcare products from the OMRON HEALTHCARE Corporation, such as a body composition monitor called, "Body Scan Control," through a prizedraw.
The Fuji Oil Group plans to extend our soy-milk product range, aiming for annual sales of 10 billion yen by the end of the fiscal year 2007.

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