News Release



Regular-season professional baseball game - "SOYAFARM Series."


We supported regular-season professional baseball games, which took place at the Kobe Skymark Stadium, as "SOYAFARM Series." The game held on the 4th was the stadium's season-opening game, and an opening ceremony took place. Children who suffered from the great earthquake disaster took the ceremonial first pitch and then presented beautiful bouquet. The second game on the 5th and the 6th, a broadcaster, Seiji Miyane, who appeared on SOYAFARM's TV commercial, performed the first ceremonial pitch and subsequent ceremony. People enjoyed a very exciting three days. We gave away, Toraku's "Smooth and refreshing quality adjusted soy milk," and "the Peptide" to the first 2,000 visitors. In the stadium, the "SOYAFARM" symbol was largely displayed on Aurora Vision, promoting the "SOYAFARM" brand with a large banner, posters and labarums.