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A Shinto ground-sanctifying ceremony at our new chocolate plant site, "the Rinku plant"


A Shinto ground-sanctifying ceremony took place at our new chocolate plant site, "the Rinku plant."Blessed with fine weather, many people kindly attended the ceremony, which started at 10:30 am, praying for the safe and accident-free construction of the plant.The "Rinku Plant" is being constructed on Sennan City's "Rinku Town Industrial Site" (lot area of approximately 10,000 square meters), approximately 10 km from the Fuji Oil Headquarters (Hannan Business Operation Complex). With an investment of 1.67 billion yen, plant construction began in April 2005 and the plant is planned to begin its operations from January 2006. The plant will manufacture colored chocolates, with the main products being green tea and strawberry chocolates. Maintaining good communications with the current Hannan Plant and the R&D Center, the plant commits itself to responding sensitively, accurately and swiftly to various customer requests.