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Construction of the Woodlands Sunny Foods Cream Factory


In response to the fast growth in the Asian bread and confectionery market, Woodland Sunny Foods (Hirokuni Kawabe, President), which is a part of the Fuji Oil Co., LTD. group, is undertaking construction of a new confectionery cream factory.

The new construction takes place inside the current Woodlands Sunny Foods facility and plans to start operation from January 2002 with a production capacity of 1000 tons per month. Utilizing Fuji Oil Japan's know-how on aseptic filling confectionery cream, estimates show that by the third year of operations the functional, property, and taste needs of the market will be met and monthly profits will reach S$1.3 million. Until the factory is completed, Fuji Oil will push forward on creating a market using products manufactured in Japan.

With the revolutions in IT and distribution, ASEAN, China, and other Asian countries have seen rapid changes in lifestyle with continuing westernization, and these changes can be seen especially in the popular foods market. With the completion this autumn of the new Freyabadi Indotama chocolate factory in Indonesia, which will be triple production, and the addition of the new Woodland Sunny Foods cream factory to the existing margarine factory, Fuji Group has made great preparations in its production and sales organization for these three confectionery materials in the Asian market.

Moreover, the Fuji Sunny Plaza in Singapore, which stands inside the Woodlands Sunny Foods site, opens this Autumn. Our enterprise initiatives continue to meet the needs of our various Asian customers with the software development of bread and confectionery foods taking place in co-operation with the customer.

1000 tons of cream can make about 5 million decoration cakes with a diameter of 21 cm.

An Outline of Woodland Sunny Foods
Company name: Woodlands Sunny Foods Pte. LTD.
President: Hirokuni Kawabe
Established: February 1988
Net sales: About S$148 million (December 2000 period)
Common stock: S$15.6 million
Location: No.19 Senoko Crescent, Singapore 758273
Main products: Confectionery oils and fats such as margarine,
  Be'chamel sauce, frozen pie crust, etc.
  HACCP certification in April, 1999
  ISO14001 certification February, 2001