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P.T.Freyabady Indotama(Indonesia) Factory relocation to increase chocolate production capacity


P.T.Freyabady Indotama member of the Fuji Oil Group, is relocating to greatly increase its production capacity.

Established in 1995 as a 50/50 joint venture between Fuji Oil and P.T.Ceres, Indonesia's largest chocolate producer, P.T.Freyabady Indotama started production of chocolate for industrial use in Indonesia as well as for exportation to neighboring countries.

The current production capacity of 3000 tons a year has become impossible to meet increasing customer needs, after various test marketing, the construction of a new factory was decided. From here on, P.T.Freyabady Indotama will strengthen its production and sales in industrial-use chocolate, centering in the Indonesian market as well as those of neighboring countries.

Of the six million dollars needed, 3.5 million is planned to be covered by boosting capitalization. The new KIIC (Karawang International Industrial City) factory location is situated about 40 kilometers east of Jakarta and the estate already has the infrastructure to deal with the influx of Japan related enterprises.

New Factory (Company) Outline
1.Location : Karawang International Industrial City, West Java, Indonesia
2.Scale : Site: 20,000 m2
Building: One Floor of 7000 m2 floor space
3.Production capacity : 8,000 tons a year
4.Construction period : From October 2000 to September 2001