Research Organization

We in the Fuji Oil Group want to generate innovation that will provide society with new value,
while listening closely to customers and watching the trends in the market.
Our R&D setup has three domains: basic research, ingredient development, and application development.
These are joined by the domain of production technology development,
which is devoted to realize production system with optimal timing.
Based on this setup, we are concentrating on the development of new technologies and products.



  • Basic Research

    Research Institute for Creating the Future

    Through diligent research and development, we create innovative new ingredients and technologies that lead to new food possibilities.

  • Ingredient Development

    Ingredient Development

    We explore the possibilities of food ingredients and develop products that benefit customers with deliciousness and healthiness.

  • Application Development

    Application Development

    We develop new ingredients and application with customer at FUJISUNNY PLAZA.

Engineering Development

  • Engineering Development

    Engineering Development

    We are committed to safety, quality, and the environment, and strive to realize production system with optimal timing.