Fuji Oil Group Basic Policy of Safety, Quality and Environment

As stated in the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy, the Fuji Oil Group upholds a commitment to safety, quality and the environment as one of the core values guiding its employees in all their activities. Specifically, we have established the Fuji Oil Group Basic Policy of Safety, Quality and Environment on October 1, 2015. Based on this policy, all group members are striving to produce products with safety and security to seek customers’ satisfaction.

Basic Policy of Safety and Health

  • The base of our thought is the sanctity of human life.
  • The base of our safety activities is the participation by all our officers and employees.
  • Every manager has a responsibility of safety control.
  • Good physical and mental health makes you a safer worker.
  • Making our workplace safe.
  • Becoming aware of and avoiding safety risks.

Basic Policy of Quality

  • We work in full compliance with laws & regulations and spirit thereof, and strive to enhance product safety and reliability.
  • We develop creative products, and propose it to the customers in a timely manner.
  • We strive to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • We communicate precisely and cordially, and strive to solve a problem.

Basic Policy of Environmental Integrity

  • We strive to continuously improve our environmental protection activities.
  • We work in full compliance with the environmental laws & regulations and spirit thereof.
  • We endeavor to develop environmentally-friendly products and technologies.
  • We make efforts to well communicate with society.

Sustainability Report 2021