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Fuji Oil Group reinforces commitment to sustainable development with a Supplier Code of Conduct


Fuji Oil Group’s Vision is clear: Contribute to society by creating the future of delicious and healthy foods. To achieve this the company needs a resilient and responsible supply chain. 

Osaka, April 2nd: Fuji Oil Group announces today the implementation of its Supplier Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct will enable us to continue communicating and engaging with suppliers, to ensure that the products and services we procure have been produced and handled in a resilient and responsible way, respecting the environment and human rights.

Fuji Oil Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires all suppliers to comply with a set of principles covering human rights, product quality and safety, environmental protection, business integrity and Risk Management. Fuji Oil Group will also request prevention and remediation mechanisms to detect and handle violations to the code of conduct. 

This document also includes the request for all suppliers to declare a policy on eliminating child labor and forced labor and to mitigate eventual negative environmental impact.   

This code of conducts will be instrumental for ensuring the success of Fuji Oil Group’s sustainable procurement programs for Palm Oil, Cacao, Soy and Shea Nuts.

About Fuji Oil Group
The Fuji Oil Group is a manufacturer of plant-based food solutions in the fields of hard butters for chocolate and industrial use chocolate; confectionery and bakery ingredients including cream, margarine, and cheese-flavor ingredients; and soy ingredients. With Headquarters in Japan, the Group has 32 companies in 14 countries and employs nearly 6000 talented people. Ever since its founding in 1950, Fuji Oil has adhered to the conviction that its path to survival and advancement lies in cultivating new fields through application of its originality, without following the lead of other companies. The Group aims to solve social issues through plant-based food materials and promotes ESG management that pursues both sustainable corporate growth and a sustainable society. We are focusing on sustainable procurement of the main raw materials we handle (palm oil, cacao, soybeans).