News Release



Fuji Oil Group Received the "IR Special Award" from Japan Investor Relations Association


Fuji Oil Group was recently awarded an "IR Special Award" in the 2020 IR Awards, presented by Japan Investor Relations Association.

The main reasons for our selection as a recipient of this award are as follows.

  • -Proactive approach to ESG management
  • -Message from the CEO on the long-term vision and continued dialogue with investors based on the integrated report
  • -Web-based briefings, including discussions with management, supply chain stakeholders and NGOs on sustainable sourcing of key raw materials
  • -Enrich materials and events by clearly reflecting investor demand in IR
  • -Focused presentations or factory tours on topics such as technology and ESG

We were also honored with the newly added "Most Liked!" IR Award.

We will continue to promote communication with our stakeholders.

Please refer to Japan Investor Relations Association's release below for more information.