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Notification of Participation in “Food Tech Studio – Bites!”


Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. (Main Office: Osaka City, President & CEO: Hiroshi Shimizu, hereafter “our company”) is going to take part in Scrum Ventures’ (Main Office: San Francisco, USA, General Partner: Tak Miyata) global open innovation program “Food Tech Studio – Bites!”

“Food Tech Studio – Bites!” is an open innovation program that works with and co-creates business with 6 Japanese food manufacturers and start-ups all over the world. In addition to the perspectives of industry and technology, this program co-creates services and applications of high value from the consumer's perspective, and creates a new "food" industry that realizes a sustainable society through food.

At present, the societal issues that surround food, like shortages due to over-population, environmental issues, nutritional issues and food loss, are becoming more and more apparent. “Food tech,” which attempts to address these societal issues using digital technology that captures food from a new angle, is gaining momentum in the world, mainly among start-ups.

Our company promotes open innovation with start-up companies that are making new “food tech” related to food and health, like smart kitchens and personalization in food. Through this, we continue to pursue the possibilities of plant-based foods and further evolve the Plant-Based Food Solutions (PBFS) that will solve these societal issues, making contributions to the health of both people and the environment.

Program Summary

  • Sponsor: Scrum Ventures
  • Partner Companies: Ito En, Ltd., Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd., Nichirei Corporation, Nissin Food Holdings Co., Ltd., Juchheim Co., Ltd., Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.
  • Strategic partners: Hakuhodo Incorporated, Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd., SIGMAXYZ Inc., Tsujicho Group
  • Official Website:
  • Period: Scheduled for September 2020 to March 2021

Regarding Scrum Ventures

With locations in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, both hubs for innovation, Scrum Ventures engages in investing in early-stage start-ups that have new technologies and services that can change the world. With their studio business that supports open innovation in large businesses, they engage in things like accelerator programs and cooperative business creation with large business partners representative of each business field. They also provide Scrum Connect Online, an on-line platform that connects large companies with start-ups. Scram ventures drives new businesses and value creation between Japanese companies and start-ups around the world.

Company Name Scrum Ventures LLC
Representative General Partner Tak Miyata (Founder)
Main Office Location San Francisco, USA
Establishment Date February 2013
Business Outline Venture investment business, New business incubation studio business, Online platform business