News Release



We received the Grand Prize in the ESG category of The Japan Times Satoyama & ESG Awards 2020


We’re delighted to announce that Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. has received the Grand Prize in The Japan Times Satoyama & ESG Awards 2020 in the ESG category.

The Japan Times Satoyama & ESG Awards 2020 makes contributions to society through the sharing of success stories, both domestically and internationally, that are focused on companies, groups and individuals engaging in ESG and Satoyama activities. At the same time, they use the awards to raise awareness regarding consortium activities with the goal of creating opportunities for domestic companies, organizations and municipalities engaging in ESG and Satoyama activities to collaborate with businesses, groups, municipalities and individuals across a wide range of fields.

We received the Grand Prize through recognition of the following points.

>>Looking to solve the societal issues by using plant-based ingredients, we have engaged in efforts to strengthen ESG management through initiatives like establishing a Chief “ESG” Officer at the Fuji Oil Holdings in April of 2019.

>>In FY2018 and FY2019, we were the only company in Japan to receive A ratings from the CDP in the forest division due to our efforts in the sustainable procurement of palm oil. Additionally, we drafted and announced mid-to-long term goals for 2025 and 2030 to further accelerate our sustainable procurement of palm oil and cacao beans. We’re promoting management that keeps a watchful eye on environmental and human rights in our supply chain through engaging in programs to improve the labor environment and satellite monitoring for palm oil and promoting support programs for farmers and reforesting activities for cacao beans.

The Fuji Oil Group is going continue working towards making contributions to a sustainable society through further promotion of ESG management.