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2020.2.12Fuji Oil Receives an A for Forests and A- for Water Security from CDP

In February 2020, FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC. received a rating of A and A- for forest preservation and water resource preservation respectively in recognition of its excellent initiatives and information disclosure in these areas from an environmental NPO called CDP. The rating of A for forests is the highest possible rating, and it is the second time in successive years that Fuji Oil has been given this rating. We were the only Japanese company to be given an A rating for forests.

On the basis of the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy, the Fuji Oil Group is pressing forward with ESG management in which the goal is to achieve both sustainable growth for the group while realizing a sustainable society by finding solutions to societal issues through our business. In April 2019 we created the position of Chief ESG Officer (C”ESG”O) who is also a director at Fuji Oil Holdings in order to strengthen our ESG management.

In terms of forest preservation, we believe that among other things our activities to increase traceability and improve the supply chain as well as our initiatives to implement complaint handling mechanisms in collaboration with suppliers and NGOs on the basis of the Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy we created in 2016 for palm oil - one of our main raw materials led to us being given this rating.

In terms of water resource preservation, the Fuji Oil Group Environmental Vision 2030(※2)sets forth a reduction in water usage as a goal towards which all group companies are now working together. We believe that as well as our efforts to understand impact and risks pertaining to our use of water resources and integrate these into our company-wide risk management system, our long-term initiatives in the field of plant-based protein, which will contribute to the resolution of the global food issue and environmental issues, led to us receiving this rating.

The overall ratings we received from CDP for FY2019 are shown below. In all programs we attained the highest level of “leadership level” (A or A-).

CDP Program FY2019 rating [Reference: FY2018 rating]
CDP Forests A A
CDP Climate Change A- B
CDP Water Security A- *First response -

Going forth we shall continue to take a serious approach to finding solutions to societal issues through our business activities on the basis of dialog and collaboration with stakeholders.

CDP runs an information disclosure system for information about the environment collected from companies and local governments. It analyzes the information it collects and gives a rating from A to D, with A being the highest rating. In 2019, more than 8,400 companies representing more than 50% of the world’s market capitalization disclosed their information through CDP.

※2 Environmental Vision 2030

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