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Selection of the “Integrated Report 2019” for the “Highly Improved Integrated Report” by the GPIF


The “Integrated Report 2019” of the FUJI OIL Holdings has recently been selected as the “Highly Improved Integrated Report” selected by the domestic stock management agency of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF).

At the request of GPIF's domestic investment trust management organization, an “excellent integrated report” and a “highly improved integrated report” were selected .In this selection, a total of 91 companies were selected as "highly improving integrated reports", and among them, we were listed as a company that received high evaluations from many investment institutions.

“FUJI OIL Integrated Report 2019” was recognized for the following reasons.

    • -Continuous efforts and improvements are being made in the disclosure attitude, such as clarifying the status of reduction of strategic shares, clarifying the holding policy, and mentioning the need for improvement of the Board of Directors.
    • -Clarify the outline of the value creation process by presenting issues and measures of the company and each business
    • -The disclosure of the company's efforts for sustainable procurement is expanding.
    • -In selecting ESG management and priority themes, efforts have been strengthened, such as reflecting the opinions of each stakeholder.
    • -Understand that ESG management is permeated and practiced
    • -Being a backcaster and highly valued their sincere attitude toward solving social issues
  • Integrated Report 2019

The FUJI OIL Group will work to further improve our integrated report and continue disseminating information to our investors and stakeholders.

The FUJI OIL Group integrated report is available via the following link.