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The Fuji Oil Group joins the Dutch Food Valley community to accelerate R&D and build global collaboration networks


The Fuji Oil Group has joined Food Valley NL in the Netherlands. The Group intends to extend its network of international R&D collaborations with the objectives of speeding up innovation and delivering plant-based food solutions that meet the diverse needs of its global customers. Joining Food Valley NL, which is the leading knowledge-based agri-food ecosystem in the Netherlands, will enable the Fuji Oil Group to interact with a wide range of companies, knowledge and educational institutions involved in food-related R&D. The Group is already reaping the benefits of joining the ecosystem through access to timely information on the latest trends and innovations in the European food industry and access to consortium projects run by leading R&D institutions.  Contact with Food Valley NL is managed through Fuji Europe Africa B.V., the Group’s newly established European headquarters which will become the Group hub for open innovation and external partnerships for R&D acceleration and new business creation with the aim of delivering on Fuji Oil’s mission to create the future of delicious and healthy foods and contributing to the realization of the UN Sustainability Goals.

About Food Valley NL
Food valley is the primary knowledge-intensive agri-food ecosystem in the Netherlands. This ecosystem is characterized by many world class innovative agri-food and food-related solutions and by the cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, education and governments. It offers a platform of resources and opportunities to an international business network to accelerate innovation and market introduction. And to attract potential partners and investors, thereby stimulating the economy and realizing ambitions in the region and far beyond.