News Release



Release of Our First Integrated Report: FUJI OIL Integrated Report 2018


This integrated report provides a general overview of our group and outlines our medium-to-long term corporate values. By communicating this information, we hope to encourage our stakeholders (including shareholders and investors) to engage with us and offer suggestions for how we can further improve our business.

Report Summary

The report highlights our commitment to ESG management. It mentions that we strive to deliver plant-based food solutions that address social problems, and that in doing so, we help achieve sustainable growth for our group while also fulfilling our social/environmental obligations—i.e., to contribute toward a sustainable society.
Because this is our first ever integrated report, we wanted to provide a highly descriptive overview of our group’s businesses. Accordingly, we have presented detailed descriptions of our strategies by segment and by geographic area.

  • Main Contents

    Message from the CEO
    A History of “Kachizukuri” (Creating Value)
    Resolving Social Issues for a Sustainable Society and the Growth of the Fuji Oil Group
    Solutions through the Creation of Foods
    (Research and Development Strategy / Management Strategy / Financial Strategy)
    Corporate Governance
    Financial Analysis

    The Japanese and English editions are 63 pages long.
    A 38-page-long Chinese edition will be released in late September.

  • Integrated Report 2018

We have provided separate PDF files of each section of the report here.