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Responsible Cacao Sourcing Policy


In recent years, the demand for chocolate has been growing globally. On the other hand, the sourcing of cacao, which is an important raw material for our business, faces complex and interconnected challenges. With demand growing, there is a chance that there may be shortages in the supply of cacao in the future, resulting from farming communities aging and / or abandoning cacao farming, from aging cacao trees, from climate change, and from low productivity due to limitations of planting materials and knowledge of planting techniques. There are also complex human rights and environmental issues in the cacao supply chain, including poverty among farmers, child labor, deforestation, and soil pollution.
Cacao is a key raw material for the Fuji Oil Group. Under such circumstances, Fuji Oil Group formulates Responsible Cacao Sourcing Policy, so as to continue contributing to the happiness of people with our cacao-based products and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
In accordance with this policy, Fuji Oil Group is committed to working with a wide range of stakeholders in the cacao supply chain and sourcing sustainably grown cacao throughout our business.

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