News Release



The Plant-Based Food Show and the Sample Menu Tasting Session


   On March 8th, 2018, Fuji Oil Holdings (head office: Osaka-shi,Osaka; President & CEO: Hiroshi Shimizu) held a press conference on the theme of “The Plant-Based Food Show and the Sample Menu Tasting Session” concerning “Foods of the Future”. This event took place to explain the status of Plant-Based Food (hereafter: PBF) and announce the outline of “Plant-Based Food Solutions” proposed by Fuji Oil Group which has worked on PBF for many years. Also at the event, there was a presentation of new product of Daizu the Origin*.

   In November, 2017, Fuji Oil Holdings conducted a survey of “consumers' food preferences” with people living in Japan and the United States. The results show that needs for the Plant-Based Food is increasing, and it is taking root among millennials.  Furthermore, it is clear that the food problem will become increasingly severe as the world population expands. Given these facts, it is considered that Plant-Based Food has huge potential.

   This show held by the Fuji Oil Group which has worked on PBF for more than 50 years attracted 80 guests including media personnel. At the Tasting Session, the guests experience the PBF menu which is by no means inferior to meat, fish, and dairy products.

   Fuji Oil Group will continue efforts contributes to the resolution of food issues worldwide and creates new value in the world of food.

*Daizu the Origin was jointly established On December 1, 2015 by Sagamiya Foods which is a manufacturer of processed soy food products and Fuji Oil Holdings which is developing business in soy protein on a global scale. It is providing new types of processed soy products that reflect concern for the earth and human health, and respond to the wants and needs of all sorts of people around the world.