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Creating Values of Soy in Food; Fuji Oil Asia held the event to
widen the value of soybean


Fuji Oil Asia Pte. Ltd., (hereafter Fuji Oil Asia) a member of the Fuji Oil Group, held an event related to soy products “Creating Values of Soy in Food” at Asia R&D Center located in Fuji Oil Asia. Fuji Oil Group has been engaged in soybean research and developing for half a century with supporting the soy food market mainly in Japan and China.

In the welcome speech, Hiroshi Shimizu, President and the CEO of Fuji Oil Holdings. Inc. (hereafter Fuji Oil Holdings) addressed the gratitude for this new joint development of soybean menus with students of the National University of Singapore, and said that Fuji Oil Group would like to contribute to the further food development in Asia.
In addition, Mr. Foo, Director of Asia R&D Center gave a speech about Fuji Oil Group’s R&D system in the world and its food science technology, and Mr. Samoto, Deputy General Manager of R&D Division for Future Creation of Fuji Oil Holdings gave a lecture on the utility of the soybean from the academic health science and dietetics points of view.
The students of National University of Singapore in the field of food processing, made a presentation of the possibilities of soybean and the process of developing soy menus for this event. Many questions were given by the guests, and through a tasting party and network session we felt high interest to the healthy soy food.

The Asia R&D Center which was established in March 2015 as the first R&D facility set by Fuji Oil outside of Japan, will collaborate with the Fuji Science & Innovation Center and the Tsukuba Research and Development Center in Japan to strive toward the development of delicious food ingredients in the fields of oils and fats, confectionery and bakery ingredients, and soy ingredients.