News Release



Creation of new markets for food that is both delicious and healthy
- Achievement of the world’s first stabilized DHA and EPA
- Appointment of an officer in charge of delicious and healthy food


* Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. held a press conference concerning its business vision on June 14, 2016.
The Fuji Oil Group is embarking in earnest on the creation of new markets for food that is both delicious and healthy, and on the development of business for contribution to society.

■Contribution to society with delicious and healthy food
Properly speaking, deliciousness and healthiness ought to go hand in hand. However, people are apt to view them as being mutually opposed, and to think that what is delicious is bad for the health, and what is good for the health is not delicious. The Fuji Oil Group is going to bolster its marketing activities from the perspective of B-to-B-for-C, which is based on the needs and issues among the consumers beyond our corporate clients. We are determined to make a contribution to society by using the power of our technology to offer food that manages to be both delicious and healthy.

■Appointment of an officer responsible for delicious and healthy food
To better bring our approaches to delicious and healthy food to fruition, we appointed Mr. Makoto Kobayashi, Managing Director of Fuji Oil Holdings Inc., to be the officer responsible for delicious and healthy food.
It will be the role of Mr. Kobayashi to engage in internal and external publicity about our contribution to society by our provision of delicious and healthy food ingredients, through various opportunities and approaches.

■Stabilized DHA & EPA business
The Fuji Oil Group has achieved the world’s first stabilized docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) as a specific measure for producing foods that are both delicious and healthy.

Current DHA & EPA status
There have been many reports around the world about the excellent health benefits of DHA and EPA. Intake of these ingredients is recommended in various countries and regions. They have particularly outstanding effects for the brain and central nervous system, and are anticipated to improve cognitive function and lower the risk of outbreak of senile dementia.
However, DHA and EPA present a problem in that they oxidize very quickly even in oil, and emit a distinctive fishy odor when oxidized. For this reason, their use in food poses a high risk, and they have not been extensively adopted for ordinary food products. At present, the means of their intake is basically limited to fish and supplements.

Technology born of a completely new idea
So far, it has been the conventional wisdom to use anti-oxidant ingredients that are readily soluble in oils and fats in order to curtail the fishy odor. Nevertheless, these ingredients have a weak effect and are not sufficient to completely suppress the fishy odor.
The Fuji Oil Group has developed all sorts of processing technology in the field of oils and fats, and put its hand to technology for admixture of ingredients that were not readily soluble in oils and fats. We discovered that stable admixture of these ingredients in oils and fats would raise the oxidative stability of DHA and EPA to an extremely high level. As a result, we developed the world’s first stabilized DHA and EPA.

Comparison of peroxide value (oxidative degradation) in 60℃ abuse testing
Assessment of oxidative stability using peroxide substances derived in the course of oxidative degradation of oils and fats as an indicator found that the stabilized DHA and EPA oils ranked far above ordinary oils and fats.

Comparison of odor ingredients in 60℃ abuse testing
A comparison of odor ingredients made it clear that the level of odor in stabilized DHA and EPA oils was only a few percentage points as high as that in general DHA and EPA oils, and that there was virtually no perceptible degradation odor.

Using this stabilized DHA and EPA we have developed, we hope to realize our vision of a future in which all people can have a delicious intake of DHA and EPA on a continuous basis, through their ordinary meals. To this end as well, we are determined to build business in stabilized DHA and EPA into one of the new pillars of our overall oils and fats business.