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Announcing our Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy


Palm oil is oil extracted from the fruit of the oil palm, which grows in tropical regions. It is used in products which are closely bound up with modern living, such as edible oil, cooking oil, detergent, paint, ink, cosmetics, and bio diesel fuel. In recent years, the demand for it has been increasing internationally by reason of its utility and economic merit. Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, the palm-growing region, environmental and human rights issues are growing serious, such as air pollution and health problems due to haze, low-wage work or child labor on plantations. These issues should not be confined to palm plantations, companies and organizations involved in the palm oil supply chain must come together to actively address the issues and disclose information about their activities to society to achieve the establishment of sustainable production and consumption systems of palm oil.
Under such circumstance, Fuji Oil Group formulates Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy for the purpose of establishing the sustainable supply chain for palm oil.
In accordance with this policy, we work with our partners and stakeholders in order to establish sustainable supply chain for palm oil, while striving to set targets, conduct regular monitoring, and actively disclose information.

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