News Release



Opening Ceremony of the New Research and Development Center devoted to “Challenge and Innovation”


Fuji Oil Holdings Inc., (President and CEO: Hiroshi Shimizu) and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (President: Minoru Kimoto), today officially opened Fuji Science & Innovation Center at Hannan Business Operations Complex in Izumisano-city, Osaka-prefecture.

At the celebration party, Mr. Shimizu expressed our policy, “We would like to provide our customers around the world with our customer-friendly solutions.” Mr. Maeda (CTO of Fuji Oil Holdings) also mentioned that this new center will be the place to create new ingredients, materials and business. Mr. Kimoto expressed our gratitude for continuing cooperation in the concluding speech.

We shifted to a holding company structure in 2015 and are now making the leap to the next stage. The Fuji Science & Innovation Center will be at the core of this leap and discharge the role of promoting challenge and innovation. Built by the Osaka Bay looking over Kansai International Airport, this Center is called “RINKU Co-creation Lab.” The Center will serve as the headquarters of the Fuji Oil Group’s global network of research and technological development. By ascertaining market needs on a global scale, we are determined to contribute to the society by creating the future of delicious and healthy foods.

Profile of Fuji Science & Innovation Center

(1) Name Fuji Science & Innovation Center
(2) Location 1 Sumiyoshi-cho, Izumisano-shi, Osaka, 598-8540
(3) Organization Basic Research/ Ingredient Development/ Application Development/ Analytical Center for Food Safety / FUJISUNNY PLAZA HANNAN
(4) Gross floor area Approx. 10,000m2
(5) Investment Value Approx. 4.5 billion JPY
(6) Completion August 22, 2016
(7) Number of employees Approx. 140