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Establishment of a new company in the Philippines


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. today announced the establishment of a new company, Fuji Oil Philippines, Inc., in Manila, the Republic of the Philippines.

Fuji Oil has locations in 14 countries around the world and has been developing its business on a global scale. For the purpose of expanding sales of Fuji Oil Group products in the market of the Philippines, whose economy is growing at among the highest rates of all countries in the Asia-Pacific region, it decided to establish the new company there based on outlays from Fuji Oil Asia (located in Singapore), its Southeast Asian regional headquarters.

As its business in southern oils and fats grew out of the supply of coconut oil, Fuji Oil has had deep ties with the Philippines for many years through coconut oil operations. In 1994, it established New Leyte Edible Oil for coconut oil pressing, but these operations were suspended because of the damage incurred by the plant from Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the central part of the Philippines in November 2013. The new company Fuji Oil Philippines will enable a new round of business development in the Philippines by staying close to customers in the market there and selling products that match their particular needs.
◆ Outline of the new company ◆
(1) Name Fuji Oil Philippines, Inc.
(2) Location Makati City, Metropolitan Manila, Republic of the Philippines
(3) Representative Not yet determined
(4) Time of establishment May 2015 (planned)
(5) Fiscal year end December 31
(6) Paid-in capital USD 200,000
(7) Outlays Fuji Oil Asia Pte. Ltd., 100%
(8) Number of employees 3 (planned)
(9) Start of business September 2015 (planned)
(10)  Sales target 2018: sales volume of 20,000 tons and sales proceeds of USD 30,000,000

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