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Booth for introduction of soy milk cream at “MADRID FUSION 2015”, the international food exhibition held in Spain


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. had a booth at “MADRID FUSION 2015”, which was held in the city of Madrid, Spain. Marking its 13th installment this year, the exhibition brings together restaurant businesses from throughout Spain. This year, it attracted about 10,000 visitors, consisting mainly of restaurant owners and chefs.

With the cooperation of a major Spanish wholesaler, Fuji Oil introduced these visitors to KO-CREAM, the world’s first soy milk cream manufactured by the Ultra Soy Separation (USS) manufacturing method, as well as KO-CREAM WHIP and the dressing MAMEDORE. In Spain, too, there is a high level of interest in soy milk as a type of vegetable milk. We readied samples by topping bruschetta with MAMEDORE and tomato as well as KO-CREAM WHIP and fruit. Many of the guests commented that the flavor was excellent and that a dressing free of allergens such as animal lactose and eggs was a milestone product. As this suggests, the products gained keen attention as unprecedentedly new soy milk foods. The booth drew restaurant owners and chefs from the host country Spain and many other countries. It stayed thronged throughout the day – so much so, that it was on the verge of running out of samples at times.