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A booth at the Washoku Symposium in “WASHOKU-DO” – The World Japanese Cuisine Show hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. had a booth at Washoku Symposium, an event held on January 31 (Sat.) as part of “WASHOKU-DO” – The World Japanese Cuisine Show. At this booth, we displayed our soy milk cream KO-CREAM and our low-fat soy milk BIMI-TONYU, manufactured by the Ultra Soy Separation (USS) manufacturing method, the world’s first technology of its kind for soy separation and fractionation.

Through various events, “WASHOKU-DO” introduces Japanese cuisine culture and its appealingness to people both inside and outside Japan. The program during its run (from late January to late February) includes “Washoku World Challenge 2015”, a competition in Japanese culinary skills featuring professionals from around the world; “Washoku Symposium” for learning about the traditions , techniques and untapped potential of Japanese cuisine; and events for street-corner sampling of genuine Japanese dishes.

The Fuji Oil booth, which was set up within the symposium venue, was visited by many general visitors as well as overseas chefs, Japanese professionals.
Especially, the soy milk cream KO-CREAM and the low-fat soy milk BIMI-TONYU, both produced by the USS method, were praised and given high marks by the chefs from overseas.

Booth visitors were also able to taste samples of “Natural Tofu Mascarpone-taste” and “Kikunoi Kodaiji Tofu”, which were manufactured by Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd. using our soy milk cream. There were exclamations of amazement at the full body, creamy flavor, and rich texture of Natural Tofu Mascarpone-taste, a new food sensation that was injected into the market last autumn.

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Date January 31 (Sat.), 2015
Venue Kyoto International Exhibition Hall Miyakomesse
9-1 Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto
Description Besides a dialogue between Yoshihiro Murata, the owner and chef of the restaurant Kikunoi, and French chef Alain Ducasse, the proceedings included a keynote speech on the theme of Japanese cuisine and foodstuffs. Fuji Oil operated a booth on new soy milk ingredients manufactured by the USS method.