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Establishment of a regional headquarters in China


This is a notification that Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has decided to establish a regional headquarters in the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “China”). The new company is to be named “Fuji Oil (Shanghai) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”

It will be the role of Fuji Oil (Shanghai) Manufacturing to bolster our cost competitiveness through efficient use of the management resources in China, improve our business foundation, maximize synergy among the companies in the Fuji Oil Group, create new business, and provide support for other Group companies. It will also practice swift decision-making for prompt response to diversifying customer needs and changes in the market.

We in the Fuji Oil Group have posted the promotion / acceleration of global management as a basic policy in the context of Renaissance Fuji 2016, our medium-term management plan (covering the period FY2014 – 2016). In line with this policy, we are pursuing a program of organizational reform aimed at construction of a setup for global management. We are determined to expand our business in China, which is one of our priority markets in our operations outside Japan, by establishing the regional headquarters there, transferring authority to local hands, promoting business under local leadership, and attaining higher levels of speed in management there as a result.

【Outline of the regional headquarters】

(1) Name不二富吉(上海)企業管理有限公司
[Fuji Oil (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.]
(2) LocationShanghai, China
(3) Paid-in capital USD 4 million (outlays made wholly by Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
(4) RepresentativeChairman & President: Masataka Minemura (Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
(5) Main businessPromotion of business in China and planning of new business Provision of
operational support for other Fuji Oil subsidiaries in China and promotion of
coordination among them
(6) Time of establishment January 2015 (tentative)

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