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Fuji Oil Holds the “Fuji Patissier Summit”


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. presented its “Fuji Patissier Summit” on September 18, 2014 at its Osaka Branch. The Fuji Patissier Summit is organized once a year to introduce patissiers to Fuji Oil products and hear their opinions.

Fourteen of the best patissiers from around Japan attended and gave valuable feedbacks on the products. At the summit, Fuji Oil reported the current status of its premium soy milk produced with the USS* Manufacturing Method which was unveiled last year, as well as introducing new cream and chocolate products. Research into a fermentation method for cocoa beans produced in Vietnam as well as chocolate that makes use of this was also introduced. We will continue to create even more appealing products by reflecting on the opinions gained here.
* Ultra Soy Separation: the world’s first soy-separating and fractionating technology

● Products introduced
Extra-low-fat cream
New sweet chocolate
New chocolate in the Flor de Cacao series
Chocolate that uses Vietnamese cocoa beans