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Construction of new chocolate plant


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. is to construct a new plant to produce industrial-use chocolate within the premises of its Kanto Plant (Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan).

Background to new construction

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. is expanding around the world and produces industrial-use chocolate at four plants in Japan including the Hannan Business Operations Complex and Kanto Plant as well as at three locations overseas. We provide industrial-use chocolate that has both taste and functionality using our rigorously selected wealth of oil products and cocoa beans and from around the world, and we have the top share of the Japanese domestic industrial-use chocolate market. In response to the needs of the market, we shall construct a second chocolate production facility at the Kanto Plant in order to further strengthen the base of our chocolate business.

Overview of new plant

Location Within Kanto Plant, 2600-8 Ago, Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan
ScaleFloor area 3,800 ㎡ approx.
Type of facilityProduction facility for industrial-use chocolate
Start of work (planned)December 2014
Start of operations (planned)November 2015
Investment2.4 billion yen approx.

Overview of Kanto Plant

Area63,000 ㎡
1994Completion of cream plant; Fuji Oil’s first production base in eastern Japan
2001Completion of chocolate plant
2015Planned completion of new chocolate plant

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