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Notice of a Strategic Business Partnership between Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.


Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd.
Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
Today, Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sagamiya Foods” and “Fuji Oil,” respectively) concluded an agreement for a business partnership (hereinafter referred to as “the partnership”) concerning soy processed food business, and agreed to launch detailed discussions concerning it. The following is an outline of the partnership.
1. Background and objectives
Sagamiya Foods is known for its great powers of product planning, as evidenced by Zaku Tofu, a product directed to consumers in general, as well as its capabilities for swift development of business and innovative management. Thanks to these talents, it has captured the leading share of the market for tofu.

Fuji Oil’s business is based on the high level of technical capabilities it has accumulated through its many years of research and development related to soy protein. It is developing business in soy processed foods made with soybeans and soy protein ingredients, mainly as industrial-use products.

In Japan, customer needs are becoming more diverse and sophisticated under the influence of trends including lower birthrates, population aging, changes in dietary life, and mounting awareness of health and nutrition. The business environment, too, is changing greatly in the process. Fusing Sagamiya Foods’s expertise in planning and marketing for B to C sales with Fuji Oil’s technical know-how about soybeans and soy protein, the partnership will enable the two companies to more speedily transform ideas into commercial products and to better roll them out into the market. The two are taking aim at further contribution to society as a whole by creating new product categories in the field of soy processed foods and further widening their scope of use.
2. Description of the partnership
The two companies are going to confer and make determinations on the items noted below and other details of approaches based on the partnership from now on.
□ Product planning and development
□ Measures to reinforce marketing capabilities
□ Joint production and production outsourcing
□ Joint purchasing, logistics setup, etc.
3. Profile of Sagamiya Foods
(1) Corporate name Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd.
(2) Time of establishment October 1951
(3) Location 123 Tottori-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma
(4) Representative Junji Torigoe, President
(5) Paid-in capital JPY 80 million
(6) Sales JPY 15.7 billion (in the year ended on February 28, 2014)
(7) Major business Manufacture and sales of tofu, deep-fried tofu , and soy processed products in the tofu category
(8) Business features The company puts most resources into tofu of both the firm and soft types, which are the pillars of business in tofu. It has won high ratings in the market for the original products developed on the basis of its tofu know-how. It has quadrupled its sales over the last few years.
It was the first tofu manufacturer to attain yearly sales of more than JPY 10 billion.
The product Zaku Tofu, which it developed in collaboration with Mobile Suit Gundam in 2012, was a resounding success in the market and attracted a lot of attention.
In 2014, it marketed Mascarpone-taste Natural Tofu. Made with the soy milk cream developed by Fuji Oil, this was the industry’s first product directed to the F1 stratum (of women aged 20 – 34) . Its launch created a considerable stir due to its texture and flavor, which were without parallel in conventional tofu products. It has also become a focus of keen attention as a product of collaboration with Fuji Oil.
As the leading company in the tofu industry, Sagamiya Foods continues to constantly take up challenges and promote innovation.
4. Profile of Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
(1) Corporate name Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
(2) Time of establishment October 1950
(3) Location 1 Sumiyoshi-cho, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
(4) Representative Hiroshi Shimizu, President and CEO
(5) Paid-in capital JPY 13,208 million
(6) Sales JPY 253 billion (in the year ended on March 31, 2014)
(7) Major business Manufacture and sales of oils and fats, ingredients for confectionery and baking, and soy protein
(8) Business features Fuji Oil develops, produces, and sells food ingredients made mainly from vegetable foodstuffs, with an emphasis on both health and flavor. It is doing business in 14 countries around the world. It has continued to conduct research and development on soybeans for half a century, and is the world’s only all-around manufacturer of soybean foods, involved in everything from all sorts of soybean ingredients to processed foods.
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