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Presentation at CHOCOVISION 2014


CHOCOVISION 2014, an international conference devoted to the sustained advancement of the chocolate industry, was held in Davos, Switzerland, and Mr. Yoshitaka Ebihara, Chairman of Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., was invited to speak there. The conference attracted the participation of more than 200 representatives of companies involved in the chocolate industry as well as administrative authorities, non-governmental organizations, and cocoa plantation personnel. It served as a venue for the sharing of various experiences and lively discussion. Taking a profile of and strategy for cultivating the Japanese market, which is marked by rapid change and intense competition, as the theme of his presentation, Mr. Ebihara described strategic initiatives to set Fuji Oil apart from rivals.

● Outline of the presentation

“The Galapagos Approach – Keys to Cultivating a Mature Market and Strategy for Differentiation” Like the Galapagos Islands, where species evolved in unique ways, the market for chocolate in Japan has distinctive attributes. For example, the market associated with distributable confections is an arena of fierce competition and is brimming with new products each season. Products are improved and withdrawn in rapid succession. For this reason, confectionery manufacturers, our clients, are constantly looking for diverse types of chocolate offering a variety of flavors, aromas, hues, textures, and features. In his presentation, Mr. Ebihara also commented on the business model constructed by the Fuji Oil Group to meet these particular wants and needs.