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Fuji Oil Holds the “Fuji Patissier Summit”


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. presented its “Fuji Patissier Summit” on June 13, 2013. The Fuji Patissier Summit is organized to introduce patissiers to Fuji Oil products and hear their opinions. Nineteen of the best patissiers from around Japan attended and gave valuable feedbacks on the products. The summit started with greetings from the company president Hiroshi Shimizu and Motoyasu Oyama, the Head of Marketing & Sales Division 3, and introduced the company’s products in two segments. We will continue to create even more appealing products by reflecting on the opinions gained here.

1. Introduction of low-fat soymilk and soymilk cream created by the USS Manufacturing Method
Mr. Shimizu made a presentation on “Soy Renaissance,” the mid-to-long term strategy of the company’s soy business, as well as the new soy-separating and fractioning technology “USS Manufacturing Method”, followed by the introduction of low-fat soymilk and soymilk cream made by this method. To have the ingredients’ various uses become known, we prepared non-fat soymilk yogurt, soymilk cream pudding, baked chocolate, Swiss rolls and many other items for participants to sample. Mr. Shimizu announced his determination to “bring the soymilk cream products which are currently being marketed in the dining-out industry, to the western confectionery market”, to which the top patissiers discussed about its potential.

2. Introduction of the new, highest quality “Class-F” brand
In the summit, Fuji Oil unveiled “Class-F,” its new brand which consists of only the best quality products that incorporate the company’s advanced emulsifying and fermenting technologies. The brand was launched “to create products which the top patissiers will recognize.” The lineup’s first product is fresh cream (product name “4545”), developed in cooperation with Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd., on the occasion of it joining the Fuji Oil Group. We also presented trial products of non-dairy cream that is planned to be launched this fall and gained some feedbacks from the participating patissiers. What’s more, we proposed our new fresh-confectionery product “Nama Pound(cake with cream filling)”, with the hope that it would create a whole new trend in the world of western confectionaries.