News Release



Effects of Typhoon Haiyan on Fuji Oil Group


We send our heartfelt condolences to those afflicted by Typhoon Haiyan in the central islands of the Philippines.

We apologize for causing much concern regarding the situation of our subsidiary New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Corporation, and also give our sincere thanks to all the support and cooperation provided to us.

Below, we report the currently-known effects of the Typhoon on the Fuji Oil Group.

1. Damages (as of November 14, 2013)  
  • Employees
There are a total of 89 employees at our plant on Leyte Island, 51 of whom we have been able to come in contact with while we continue to seek for confirmation from the remaining members.
  • Damages to the plant
The plant’s buildings and production facilities have been damaged by storm wind and tidal waves. All operations are halted with no foreseeable plan for recovery as of now.

2. Procurement of products
  We have affirmed our ability to deliver oils and fats products including palm oil using our inventory and by procuring raw materials through our supply chain. We regret causing much concern among our customers regarding the procurement capability.

3. About New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Corporation
FY ended Dec 2012 Net Sales 1,895 million PHP (Approx. 3.8 billion yen)
Total Asset 705 million PHP (Approx. 1.4 billion yen)
Production Volume Palm Oil: 31,000 tons, Meal: 22,000 tons

4. Impact on business performance  
  We are currently investigating the effects on the Group’s operating results, but believe that the damages to tangible fixed assets and inventory assets can mostly be compensated for by insurances.

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