News Release



Relief Donation for the Typhoon Damages in the Philippines


Fuji Oil offers its deepest condolences to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan that impacted the Philippines in November.

We also apologize for the concerns we have caused over the damages incurred to our subsidiary New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Corporation, and greatly thank for the warm support and cooperation provided. The company was fortunate to have confirmed the safety of all of its 90 employees and is currently investigating on the damages while continuing on the support of employees.

On November 14, we announced a contribution of 20 million yen to support relief efforts. Today, we announce additional aid that has been decided to date.

(1) Donation to non-profit organization Japan Platform: 10 million yen
(2) Donation to the Filipino government:
(Presented to the Embassy of the Philippines in Osaka/Kobe)
5 million yen
(3) Relief goods to Tanawan, Leyte Island:  1 million peso (about 2.3 million yen)

(4) Aid money to Tanawan, Leyte Island, where New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Corporation is located
(details to be decided through discussion with Tanawan)
From Fuji Oil: 5 million yen
From employee fundraising and donations:  Approx. 5 million yen

In addition to the above, our group companies in Japan and abroad are each planning and engaging in aid efforts.

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