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Regional Headquarters Established For Asian Region


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoshitaka Ebihara) today announced the addition of headquarters functions to Fuji Sunny Foods Corp. Pte. Ltd., their sales company in Singapore, and the establishment of Fuji Oil Asia Pte. Ltd. as a regional headquarters for Asia.

Establishment of the new company will enable more efficient utilization of management resources, strengthen the Fuji Oil Group’s business base, maximize synergy among Group companies, facilitate the creation of new business throughout Asia, and significantly speed up decision-making to keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions.

A core policy of "Global & Quality 2013 — For Sustainable Growth," the Fuji Oil Group’s mid-term management plan for fiscal 2011 - 2013, is to promote global management and, more particularly, to consolidate the Group’s strengths in fast-growing global markets to achieve the goal of “Quantity for Overseas Markets.” After China, Asia is a key market where significant growth is expected, and Fuji Oil's decision to establish a regional headquarters is aimed at further expanding business in the region.

Outline of Regional Headquarters

(1)   Name: Fuji Oil Asia Pte. Ltd.
(2)   Location: Singapore
(3)   Paid-in capital: 200,000 Singapore dollars (wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
(4)   President: Tomoyuki Yoshida (Director at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
(5)   Main areas of operation:
        • Promote business and plan new business for the Asian region
        • Provide operational support and promote collaboration among Fuji Oil Group companies in the Asian region
(6)   Date of establishment: February 2012 (planned)
(7)   Countries under the umbrella of the regional headquarters: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines

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