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Acquisition of All Outstanding Shares of Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd.


On March 23, 2012, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. concluded a share transfer agreement with Yoshihiro Nagatoshi, president and CEO of Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd., and three other corporate officers with a stake in the company to acquire all outstanding shares of Omu Milk Products and make it a subsidiary of Fuji Oil.

♦ Reason for the Acquisition
Based on a philosophy of “Contributing to healthier and happier living through the creation of contemporary eating habits as well as fine foods,” Fuji Oil has been globally developing its business in the fields of oils and fats, confectionery and bakery ingredients, and soy protein.
Omu Milk Products, whose main product is fresh cream for commercial applications, is a research and development oriented producer of dairy products. The company’s high-quality products have built a strong brand image and a loyal customer base, notably among some of Japan’s finest patissiers. In recent years, Omu Milk Products’ reputation for quality has also spread abroad, resulting in a steady growth in export sales.

With the aim of efficiently utilizing Omu Milk Products’ management resources to better meet customer needs in the confectionery and bakery ingredients market, and the belief that strengthening operations in this area through collaboration in product development and overseas expansion would increase the value of both companies, Fuji Oil decided to acquire all outstanding shares of Omu Milk Products.

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