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Presentation Held Regarding “ Soy Renaissance” and New Technology “USS Manufacturing Method”


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. held a presentation on October 2, 2012 regarding the mid-to-long term business strategies “ Soy Renaissance” and “USS Manufacturing Methods”.

The presentation began with the company president Yoshitaka Ebihara making an opening address in which he stated the company will “change the world with the power of the soybean.”

Following that, Hiroshi Shimizu, the company’s senior managing director and head of Soy Protein, Processed Foods Company, gave a presentation about “Soy Renaissance.”

Mr. Shimizu stated “we feel that the soybean is a ‘magnificent bean’. As the earth faces so many dangers, the soybean is attracting more attention than ever before. Fuji Oil has set forth a vision of “ Soy Renaissance” in order to encourage further penetration of this healthy and environmentally-friendly bean. We will once more return to the essence of the soybean, and by creating new and unprecedented value for this bean, we will contribute to humanity and to earth. In addition, our patented “USS (Ultra Soy Separation) Manufacturing Method” is a proprietary isolation technology that pursues the true deliciousness of the soybean. Using this technology, we have been the first in the world to succeed in producing new materials from soybeans, such as low-fat soymilk and soymilk cream. We will continue forward, aiming for commercialization in the spring of 2013.”

At the product sampling event afterwards, desserts and side dishes containing low-fat soymilk and soymilk cream made with USS technology were offered, inviting the guests to experience the possibilities and deliciousness of the soybean. In matcha (green tea powder) roll cake, which was one of the recipes introduced, the true flavor of the matcha (green tea powder) was brought out by using soymilk cream. This was one example of various unexplored merits held by materials made using USS technology. In addition, recipes using currently available frozen soybean products were also introduced. Regarding a cutlet hamburger made with a tofu patty, Mr. Shimizu of the Soy Protein, Processed Foods Company commented, “even hamburgers, which are usually thought of as food for young people, can appeal to a wide range of generations through the use of soy products”, calling attention to the value of the soybean once again.

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